Client Portal Software for
Productized Design Services & Agencies.

Give your Clients a Dashboard to Manage their
Design Task Requests, Subscriptions, Communication & More


#1 Client Portal Software for Productized Services & Agencies

White Labeled
Dashboard & Client Portal Software
with Every Feature you need.

Agency Dashboard

Stripe Integrated Checkout

With a simple Stripe integration, you can create custom pricing plans, handle multiple transactions, and sell your productized design services with ease.

Manage Email Notifications

Stay on top of communications by managing and automating email notifications. Whether it's updates on task requests, subscription renewals, or new messages, tailor notifications to suit your workflow.

Create Pricing Plans & Services

Be it a one time payment or a recurring subscription, ClientPortalOS helps you sell services, collect payments, & manage subscriptions. Design and manage custom plans and services tailored to your clients' needs.

Create Custom Brief Forms for Request Intake

Fully customizable Custom Brief Forms. So the best part is that you can make individual forms for each type of service, like different form for logo & brochure design, Landing Page & Web UI, etc.

Add Google Ads & Other Tracking Scripts

Easily add custom tracking scripts, like Google Ads, Meta Pixel, & others, for referral and conversion tracking. This helps you monitor performance and optimize your campaigns.

Personalize Your Portal as per your Branding

Make your dashboard truly yours by White Labeling it to reflect your brand's identity and style. Add your logo, colors, and other branding elements for complete personalization.

Signup & Login Pages for Customers

Make it easy for your clients to create accounts and access your services with your very own custom branded signup & login pages reflecting your unique style and branding.

Manage Customers/Clients & their subscriptions

Simple & Efficient organization of Client/Customer information and subscription details. Easily access client information, track subscription status, and manage billing details all in one place.

Add your Staff/Team Members & Give them Access

Easily add your team members to the dashboard and manage their access to different features and sections. Assign them roles and responsibilities to simplify collaboration.

Manage & Track Task Requests

Easily create, assign, and track task requests from start to finish in one place. View progress, set deadlines, and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Collaborate on Tasks

Make team collaborations a breeze by sharing updates and progress in real-time. From brainstorming ideas to finalizing details, everyone can contribute and stay updated.

Run it on your subdomain

Keep everything under your brand by running the dashboard on your own subdomain. This way, your clients access the platform at a URL that looks like it’s part of your website, maintaining brand consistency.

Customer Dashboard

Create Task Requests

Customers can easily submit task requests, project descriptions, and deadline specifications. Clients can communicate with the team and monitor task progress.

Manage their subscriptions

Provide your customers the flexibility and control to manage their own subscriptions. From updating billing information to changing subscription plans, clients can handle their subscriptions directly from their dashboard.

Add Team Members

Clients can easily add their own team members to their dashboard. This promotes better collaboration and makes managing tasks much smoother on their end.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Client Portal Software is a digital solution designed to simplify communication and collaboration between businesses and their clients. All your client requests, files, payments, and invoices are consolidated in one location, making client management easier.

Instead of managing the clients’ briefs, status updates, and payments individually via email, businesses can opt for Client Portal Software, which is more efficient and simple to use. This becomes a serious issue once your business grows and the number of clients’ also increases. By providing a secure and centralized platform, ClientPortalOS can help you facilitate this in a professional way.

ClientPortalOS serves as a centralized platform for productized design services & agencies to interact and collaborate with their clients securely. It offers features like secure file sharing, messaging, task management, subscription management, & more with an all in one user-friendly interface.

ClientPortalOS provides a dashboard for better communication between you and your clients. You can monitor your clients task requests, create a design brief form, create custom pricing plans for your services, manage your team, & more. Your clients just need to choose a plan, sign up, and start creating task requests for which they can monitor the statuses and send or receive project files.

The difference is that a white label client portal can be customized and rebranded with your own branding, making it your personal dashboard that can be used by your clients to create task requests and communicate with the team.

Yes, absolutely. With ClientPortalOS, it is possible to create a custom white label client portal.

All you need to do is choose a plan and complete the sign-up process. Once done, create a pricing plan, a client brief form, and add your team members. If you want to white label it, just upload your brand assets, and you are done.